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Prinsessa Algiebasta, Prinssi Betelgeuzesta ja
Prinsessa Bellatrixista.

Berättelsen om
Prinsessan Algieba, Prins Betelgeuze och
Prinsessan Bellatrix.

PrintsessAlgiebast, Prints Betelgeuzest ja
Printsess Bellatrixist.

Helsinki 2001

 A book on two fairy-tale princesses and a fairy-tale prince who have come down on earth from the stars. They have wanted to get to know the place where they have ended up.

 Princess Algieba wrote about what happened to them, when they travelled together in towns and in smaller places around the Baltic Sea. As the Princess kept company in varying languages on these trips, she also wrote the book sometimes in Finnish, sometimes again in Swedish or in Estonian.

  The book has been printed in hundred copies and hand bound in different wall paper covers. It can be bought for 20 euros, 200 EEK or 200 sek. Please see:

A glimpse of the book
One of the front covers

Extracts from the book: Prinsessat uivat
Paha hais
Prinsessa Bellatrix
Prinsen och badkaren