Kaarina Ormio

Performance project
CV, contact

Vilppula station in Häme

In the train to Tampere

Toolse Castle

Going into the forest on the Island Laitosaari

Washing dishes by the Lake Pielinen, the Mountain Koli on the background

On the top of Koli, a national romantic historical place

Over Sweden

A Short Film on
Princess Algieba’s, Princess Bellatrix’ and Prince Betelgeuze’s


Häme in Finland,

Toolse on the North Coast of Estonia,

Laitosaari Island in Lake Pielinen
and the Mountain Koli
in Northern Karelia of Finland,

and in the Clouds over Sweden.

A 9 min DVD documenting the performance project. Filmed on 8 mm film.

Edited by Tero Kontinen 2005.

Music by Jaan Pärnamäe.

Realization: Kaarina Ormio (FIN), Jaan Pärnamäe (EST) and Elin T. Sørensen (NO) 1998-2000.