Will-o'-the-wisp ( Virvatuli )

Single channel video work, 2 min, without sound
Kaarina Ormio 2014
Camera and editing: Veikko Björk
Lights: Markus Tuormaa

Will-o'-the-wisp Dress / Virvatulipuku

at Art Couture Clothing Store 2014, Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari
Organised by Kaarina Ormio and Galleria Huuto
Photography Veikko Björk

Will-o'-the-wisp Dress at the Art Couture Fashion Show

Choreographed by Favela Vera Ortiz to Art Couture Clothing Store at Galleria Huuto
Photography Juha Vilkamo and Veikko Björk

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