Etsi aika (Search the Time), Kommentti II, Toukola-Arabianranta, Helsinki 2012.

With a map that you could borrow from the box,
you could search for control points that tell you
about different times in the Bokvillan park.
Bokvillan is a villa just near the Arabia porcelaine factory.
On the slope of the small hill that now grows trees and hey, there once was a kitchen garden that belonged to the villa. There still are some planted and bewildered strawberries, near the postmodern birdhouse made by Veikko Björk. I marked the kitchen garden to the year 1930, but it was there a long time of course, varying in size and plants. The last apple tree was still giving some apples in the 1990's.
Here had the book publisher G.W.Edlund his wagon shed, that still was there in the 1990's. Now there are a platform and benches, and some decorative good smelling bushes. A man who lived in the former book storehouse in the yard, told that someone hung himself in the wagon shed roof structures.
In the lilac bushes on the gallows hill some children living in the neighbourhood had their play. There are exiting paths and openings inside the bushes, and they had their toys left there. I thought they were from the previous year, but when the schools started again, someone had taken my control point away from the bushes and made barricades to stop people coming in there. Later I found the control point nicely hanged in a tiny tree outside the bushes.
The gardener lived in one of the smaller houses in the yard area with his sons. In the fifties he was told that his work wasn't needed any more and that he had to move away. He exploded himself here. This is a former gallows hill. It was situated outside the town but along the road towards north. There were a few people hung in the 17th century.